Our First Ever Mental Fitness Cohort Is Here

Twoplus is a mental fitness club for DAO contributors 🧠🏋️‍♂️

Questions on the DAO Gymnasium Alpha? DM @twoplus_xyz

We’re running the first ever DAO Gymnasium Cohort in July with a group of ~15-20 DAO leaders and contributors!

The purpose of this program is to open new horizons for participants in areas which we believe are key to a successful and fulfilling career in the DAO space.

Over 4 weeks we’ll cover items in 3 areas:

  1. Starting or improving a mental fitness practice 🧠🏋️‍♂️
  2. Improving self-management 🧭
  3. DAO leadership and DAO design 👩‍🏭

Starting Or Improving A Mental Fitness Practice 🧠🏋️‍♂️

Transformation Goal → participants pick up a mental fitness habit that they sustain and evolve beyond the course.

Why this focus on mental fitness? We believe that we’re about to see a revolution in the way we approach mental well-being and performance. A shift from a passive and corrective “mental health” perspective to a much more proactive and intentional one based on “mental fitness”.

Specifically, contributors who immerse fully in DAOs and step up as leaders need to develop “mental athlete” qualities: handle moments of high stress (mental resilience), be emotionally intelligent and self-aware (mental flexibility), be confident in their self-direction and drive (mental strength), be able to sustain their efforts while preventing burnout and favouring a relaxed state (mental endurance).

In the DAO Gymnasium Alpha we’ll introduce or revisit timeless or novel practices and see how they can be inserted in participant’s day-to-day. These practices are fundamentals like meditation, breathwork, flow, reflection — all aiming at increasing vitality, reducing stress, improving focus and fulfilment.

Better Self-Management 🧭

Transformation Goal → participants pick up at least 1 practical tool that durably improves the way they organize and prioritize on a daily basis.

Good self-management abilities help maximize efficiency, productivity and help keep track of short or long term goals. As a secondary effect, self-management practices help reduce the uncertainty that is inherent to DAO work by systematizing recurring decisions, resulting in a higher degree of freedom.

We’ll work with participants to improve and customize their Operating Systems covering some of the following: goal setting, scheduling, prioritizing, managing commitments and accountability.

DAO Leadership And Contributor Experience 👩‍🏭

Transformation Goal → participants learn 1 practical skill that helps them move things forward in a DAO or other self-managing organizational setting.

Finally we’ll touch on a few key skills that power collaboration in DAOs. Diving into some of the following: running meetings, running sprints, conflict resolution processes… These work facilitation tools are at the basis of both productivity and org culture and deserve much attention.

Beyond facilitation we’ll leave room for conversations around organizational design and contributor experience. Whether that’s around onboarding, decision making or compensation. All DAOs have common challenges as well as particular ones. Here we will benefit from the multiplicity of perspectives and experiences brought by the diverse set of participants in the cohort.

As organizers of this program our intention is to create a fun and straightforward experience that provides substance while preserving participants’ busy calendars. To make this happen we’ll use a set of synchronous conversations/workshops and asynchronous habit building games.

We’re grateful for those who will be part of this first cohort and we’re excited to learn and improve the overall experience. Contributors are the foundations upon which this DAO space is being built. The need for more contributor training and the upside of raising awareness around mental fitness in the Web3 space is immense.

Questions on the DAO Gymnasium Alpha? DM @twoplus_xyz

Visual by @0xEfra <3

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