why are we here (part. 1)
November 3rd, 2022

gm 🌞

We’re a few weeks away from the kick-off of our brand new mental fitness program. Rachel and I are pretty excited and proud of what we’ve built with a lot of sweat, the help of many friends and pretty much no $ so far.

But first, why are we here and why are we doing this?

On my end I’m now 28 and have been working in web3 for the past 4 years. Time does fly. I’ve had the chance to be early to this small DAO space. And being early to anything in web3 means you experience a lot of good and less good things - AKA the web3 rollercoaster 🎢. 
 I’ve contributed in various ways to many incredible projects like Aragon, SeedClub, SuperRare, Metropolis, FWB, Forefront... and bonded with outstanding individuals along the way.

But as I have pointed out a few times: all this hustle left me deeply burnt. I reached a low point in August 2021.

Should I leave web3 entirely? No way I’m way too stubborn to drop the ball this quick. Instead I’ve set my new top priority to bring my mental health to a point where I could keep building, stay vital and never burn out again.

A few months into the journey I’ve met friends who resonated with this same desire to do that for themselves and for others in the web3 space. This led to the creation of Twoplus and the program we’re about to release (more details to come but you can already apply here).

That’s my tiny little story but mental health is such a huge and widely under addressed topic, both in web3 and outside of it. It is central to the life of all human beings. It is a big piece of the health puzzle and way too often a missing one. Even in a space like web3 that claims to be the future of so many things, individuals and organizations are helpless in the face of burnout, anxiety, stress and so on... In the best possible scenario we work to fix this starting now. In all other scenarios the future seems really bleak to me.

The stakes around Mental Fitness becoming a thing in web3 have never been so high.

In part. 2 I’ll get more specific about the challenges that are inherent to web3 work life and what mental fitness can do to make web3 folks more resilient and help them reclaim agency over their mental health.

In the meantime here is a podcast episode that just came out. Big thanks to Sam and Brandon at Quorum for a great conversation!

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