March 29th, 2022

In this article we provide an overview of what we consider to be some of the most valuable skills DAO contributor can develop and use in today’s DAO space. For each of the 3 skill categories we provide a high-level introduction and briefly touch on corresponding tactics and practices.

Antoine Sakho
January 20th, 2022

"We shape our tools, thereafter our tools shape us"

You've likely heard this apocryphal quote before (mistakenly attributed to the legendary Marshall McLuhan but in actuality from John Culkin, a professor of communication and friend of McLuhan).

What it does, so succinctly, is expose the reflexive nature of the relationship between builder and tool, the co-evolution (or intervolution) between us and our creations. Think about the innovation of the car for an instant: we invented it about a century ago, but since then it has shaped our world by defining cities (i.e. parkings and malls), sprouting new industries (i.e oil companies) and creating new behaviors (i.e. drive-ins). The second-order and third-order effects of the invention of the car are simply mind blowing.

Software is the same. We shape it, and then it shapes us in more ways than we realize. We built cloud collaboration, video calls and messaging apps and they changed the way we work. But that's not all — now they're also changing the way capital gets raised, how offices get built and the places people decide to settle.

January 4th, 2022

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December 21st, 2021

2021: Pioneering the new wave of DAOs

The DAO space has been expanding at a crazy pace in 2021.

From a handful of contributors to hundreds. From a couple burgeoning Discord communities to billions of dollars in treasuries. Until recently, DAOs seemed to be on an unstoppable trajectory.